The application of ancient science in the modern era.


Addendum #3 Update – Modern Science Proves MRS Right On Fasting

The following has been added to Addendum #3 – Scientific breakthroughs on the validity of MuurRoots Science.

*On fasting

“All foods contain a certain amount of poisonous substances. These mild poisons are essential for the body, and play just as important a role in the body’s health as the nutritious substances.  […] The danger is that these mild poisons can cause harm themselves if they’re allowed to accumulate beyond a safe level.

In children they’re metabolized every 6 to 12 hours. They don’t have the opportunity to do much harm by themselves, except when they are aided and bolstered by an unhealthy diet.

In adults (all people over 21 years of age), they’re metabolized only once every 3 days. When an adult adds more of them by eating food every day, even 3 or more times a day, they slowly accumulate until they cause an illness, such as a cold, fever, headaches and so on. Soon thereafter, if they’re not cleared, the illness can get serious and become a grave disease such as pneumonia and others, even cancer or a heart attack.By eating only healthy foods once every 3 days, there is enough time for the poisons that are no longer useful to be processed and flushed out of the system. Then they’re replaced by new ones that continue the job of guarding our cells.That’s how they’re naturally prevented from accumulating and causing disease, thereby turning from being our protectors into our enemies. We can keep them as our friends by giving them enough time to dissolve and make way for new ones, by eating only once every 3 days.”-MRS Chapter 54

On June 5, 2014 The Telegraph reported,

“Fasting for as little as three days can regenerate the entire immune system, even in the elderly, scientists have found in a breakthrough described as “remarkable”.”

“The researchers say fasting “flips a regenerative switch” which prompts stem cells to create brand new white blood cells, essentially regenerating the entire immune system.” – Source

Medical Daily chimed in on Jan 5, 2015,

“Fasting is known to help the body remove toxins and regulate filtering organs such as the liver and kidney. The body shouldn’t experience periods of fasting longer than four days…” – Source


Newest Word Change



Hebrew Israelites (the Black descendents of slaves in the Americas & Europe), reclaim your ancestral language! Hebrew is the most powerful language of this cycle.

Learn the Hebrew AlefBet with Anki.

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The Zodiac In Creation And Destruction

In the beginning, there is always War. Things are hectic, chaotic, only the aggressive survive with the Will to live. (Aries)

After the war is over, there is pleasure. A baby boom takes place afterwards. Families go back to civilized living and start getting more specialized. (Taurus)

Specialization leads to increased communication of information for the sake of knowledge. (Gemini)

A seed is nurtured as civilization starts to take on a new life. (Cancer)

Creativity spawns as the new nation grows ever more developed. The nation shifts to a more artistic approach to life. (Leo)

Increased creativity means specialization in arts, and critical details and information on how to perform a certain art need to be recorded and spawned. (Virgo)

Time goes on, increased mingling and tranquility happens as the creative society begins to mingle and create relationships. (Libra)

Sudden shifts to more mental natures begin to happen. Masks come off and the stronger minds become the top minds. (Scorpio)  Read the rest of this page »

Global Events – Magnetic Pole Shift, 2015 Extreme Weather Updates

Earth’s magnetic reversal

Why is the magnetic pole shift important?

Quote from MRS Ch 2:

We have reached the end of the present 6,000-year cycle. In fact it ended in 1914. Since then, the light races have been given an extra 100 years to repent and save their souls. The 100-year period of mercy will soon be over. Now is the time, and the elders of all the tribes in Ethiopia and elsewhere have given permission for the information to be released. We are entering a very dangerous time; dangerous for the souls of our people. The light races have instituted racist religions whose sole purpose is to try and stall the spiritual awakening of the Muur man and woman. They have set up a religious system where the coming of the ‘Messiah’ must occur according to their definitions. If any other type of ‘Messiah’ comes, and does not fit their descriptions, they will declare him to be a false ‘Messiah’ and try to kill him.

Well, this is precisely how the devils want it to pan out. Those among them who know the truth know that the so-called ‘Messiah’ is a Muur man, the Creator Yahweh himself and his angels. Therefore they deliberately made the whole world ready to reject him. They’ll say, “How can the Messiah be a Muur man?” All their religions – Christianity, Islam, Judaism and the rest – have prepared the world to expect a pink ‘Messiah’.

The knowledge I share here is crucial to prepare Muurians for the truth that is soon to manifest. Yahweh, who made this world and its present rulers, is the Creator of this age. He will soon come in great might and glory to reclaim his own. Those Muurians who have been deceived by Christianity and pink Islam are in danger of rejecting him once they see that he is Muur.

That’s why this truth is being told now. And more will be revealed.

It’s 2015. The period of mercy has ended.   Read the rest of this page »

MRS Explains: How Ancient Muurians Did Commerce (Money, land, food, commodities)

(Excerpt from Ch. 60)

A while back you posted an update. The dream was shared to you from someone who you are helping to remember. The persons dream was pretty simple. They awoke in a small room and there was a woman and a small girl sleeping on the floor. The two ladies both had smooth velvet dark skin. He said we went into the pocket of a pair of jeans that was draped over a chair and there was a 3 dollar bill in it and the bill said something to the effect of “legal tender of yahweh” but it was spelled different. (This isnt the whole dream, I dont want to make this email to long so Im not putting down everything I remember) You said his dream was pretty accurate, do you remember what you meant by that? How long will money be around? After pinky is gone, in another 1000 years or so, will we still be addicted to money? When the major events happen within the next 7 years, will money still be needed? Im asking because I am tired of it and I know that it is not necessary on any level of life. So basically, when will money cease to exist or be depended on by the Muur masses? Im not looking for a date (unless you know what that date is) but what event will signal the end of the dollar (worldwide)?

When I said the dream was accurate, I meant the details such as floating cars, the presence of money, the presence of graffiti and other things that he saw. These things will still be with us for a while after Yahweh takes over the empire of the world.
As far as money is concerned, it will be around as well until the Israelites have settled in their promised land (Israel). As I said, it will take 40 years for them to rehabilitate that desert land to the point where it can support the millions of Israelites who will relocate there. Money will be needed to achieve this. Read the rest of this page »

MRS Explains: Inspiration

(Excerpt from Chapters 31, 32, 60)

Inspiration comes in two different ways; one way for Muurians and a different way for non-Muurs. Among Muurians, inspiration always comes from your first Self, one of the b8m original Creators. Among non-Muurs, the source of their inspiration is always their maker, Yahweh or the Elohim. When Yahweh uses part of his mind this way to guide them, they call it the ‘collective unconscious’.

The inspiration can come in many different ways – in dreams, concepts, images of ancestors, dead famous people, relatives, etc. But all these images and ideas have Yahweh as their source. Similarly inspiration among Muurians always has the first Self as its source. That’s how mental inspiration occurs. Non-Muurs, having been created in ignorance, are naturally ignorant of the origin of their inspiration. So they claim that it comes from their ‘subconscious mind’. They further make the claim that they can master this ‘subconscious mind’.  Read the rest of this page »

MRS Explains: Jesus’s Resurrection & That of the 144,000 Judges of the Muur Nation

(Excerpt from chapters 57 and 60)

Now let me tell you something that has been a secret for 6,000 years. Remember I mentioned that the great Pyramid was built to have 7 functions, and that one of the functions was to be used as a resurrection machine. I explained one facet of the resurrection that has to do with the transportation of the soul to another star system, in this case to the star Sirius when Yahweh and the Elohim were transported 6,000 years ago.

There is a second facet of the resurrection.

Underneath the pyramid there is a large Temple. This temple is excavated many feet below ground, and the pyramid was built directly above it. The shape of the pyramid has a quality that lends itself ideally to the purification and preservation of energies, including life energies. If you took a pyramid shape and placed it over a bowl of fruit, for example, and aligned it in the same way as the great pyramid, i.e. have its faces aligned with the north, south, east and west, the fruits will stay preserved for many days. The ideal material for such a shape is stone because it practically lasts forever. This quality of the pyramid is important for the temple that exists under it.  Read the rest of this page »

The Elohim Speak to the World Through Movies & Signs of Change

Yahweh is speaking to the world. You have to be at a heightened rate of consciousness to hear & understand it. This “movie spectacular” clip is like a time lapse of what he and the Elohim have been saying for years – compiled into a single youtube video.

The source of light races’ inspiration is the united minds of the 60,000 Elohim. The movies, tv, music, and other things they create can contain messages that the Elohim want to say to the world, especially American creations because American media is consumed worldwide.  Read the rest of this page »

MRS Explains: The Common Tendency of Things to Get Worse with Time

(Excerpt from Chapter 16)

This present cycle is the cycle of decay. We can also use the word deterioration or corruption or any other word with a similar meaning. Everything decays in this age, especially knowledge. Creator has increased or waxed in wisdom since eternity, and has never known what it is to decrease or wane in wisdom. One of the purposes of this cycle is to gain this experience. It befell Yakub by pre-ordination as the one to prepare the necessary conditions for evil (decay, ignorance, self-forgetfulness) to manifest.

To the true Isrealites: You Must Know Who You Are and Claim Your Birthright

Here’s a couple videos of pink men admitting the same truths which are presented in MuurRoots Science. There are pink people admitting that the Hebrew Israelites – Descendants of the Elohim, are Muurians. The last ones who must wake up to this truth are Isrealites ourselves. It’s time for all Isrealites to realize who we are and claim our birthright.

Read the rest of this page »